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and i see your face in every crowd


at 19 taylor swift was winning every award in fucking music history plUS writing the masterpiece that is dear john and what the fuck am i doing besides watching netflix and eating a lot of cake idk man idk


Taylor Swift doing nice shit for fans.


i swear to god taylor swift gets cuter every single DAY

What do you think it is about Taylor that has made people help her first week album sales to surpass one million copies for the past two albums? I know you say album sales don't matter, and I'm not asking this question as if they do. I'm just curious as to how in the world she does it? Compared to other pop stars like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, or Beyonce who rarely sell half that amount in a week even though Taylor probably receives the most vocal hate? Actually compared to any artist, HOW!?!?!


"Why does she sell so well in the first week?"

It is a combination of a reputation of goodwill and loyalty to her fans, and her media approach in terms of hyping the first week but, most importantly, it is the fact she is uniquely positioned as an album artist, rather than a singles artist.

She still has hit singles, but the underlying message of all the interviews she does and the hype that she gets implies that "you’re not getting the whole story if you’re not listening to the whole album." 

And I think that is unique to her, at least in terms of current mainstream artists.  



i can’t believe angelina jolie killed taylor swift


i can’t believe angelina jolie killed taylor swift

This is 400 pounds, I bought too much… I have no self control at kitchen stores…
Taylor Swift (via sparksoftaylor)

Taylor flies to Ohio to surprise a fan at her bridal shower, after receiving an invitation from her (vlog)